How Fulfillment by DVIP Works
Join the Dropwow Virtual Inventory Program selecting one of the plans.
Install a free Dropwow App in your store.
Purchase products with DVIP_SHIP coupon
Go to market.dropwow.com and add products with BUY button. Before paying enter coupon DVIP_SHIP. This way we know this order should be delivered to our fulfillment center in Shenzhen.
Pay for your inventory (not shipping) upfront
You are charged for the final shipping costs after your customers' place orders.
Purchased products are delivered to the Dropwow fulfillment center in China (Shenzhen)
Note: It takes 5 days to deliver your products to the fulfillment center.
Customers order your products and you pay for the final shipping costs
Dropwow packs and ships your orders within the next 24 hours. Tracking numbers are assigned to your orders in Shopify automatically
Parcels are delivered to your customers in 5-14 days via Fast Shipping
Ready to join the Program?
Do I pay for inventory upfront?
When you join the Program you pay for subscription only. After creating product listings, yes, you pay for inventory upfront.
How long does it take for products to be purchased and shipped from the fulfillment center in China?
It takes 5 days since you pay for the products till Dropwow ships orders to your customers.
What are the shipping costs?
The shipping rates are available here.
What countries do you deliver?
Please find the list of destinations on the "Shipping rates" page.
How do you provide tracking numbers?
Tracking numbers are assigned to your orders in Shopify in "Orders" by Dropwow. This feature is automatically activated for Shopify stores.
What are the payment methods?
PayPal, debit and credit cards, wire transfer, telegraphic transfer, and Dropwow wallet.
How do you know which order should be bundled?
The system knows what order to bundle when the order has one Shopify order ID.
Can I order all the products I have already imported to my store?
Yes, you can. Remember about full upfront payment in this case.
How do you guarantee my products reservation in the fulfillment center?
After you pay for inventory you get a receipt via email as a payment confirmation.
Is there any minimum order quantity?
Currently, there is no minimum order quantity. However, it's recommended to order the quantity you sell during a week.