6-10 Days Shipping
from China
to the US, UK, Canada, Australia and +40 countries
How it works
Join Dropwow Virtual Inventory Program
Choose any product at market.dropwow.com
Purchase any quantity or amount, even 1 piece
Purchased products are stored at our warehouse
You get an order in Shopify
Dropwow syncs with Shopify and knows about new orders
We pick, pack and ship the same day you get an order in Shopify
Parcel is delivered to your customer in 6-10 days with Fast Shipping
There is no minimum order quantity or amount

Start even with 1 piece and $1
Start with like $5-10 to buy the first inventory, offer your customers faster shipping and get more sales and fewer refunds than with standard shipping like ePacket

DVIP membership is the best and easiest investment to establish a successful
e-commerce business today
1-day fulfillment

You get a tracking number the same day an order is placed
Dropwow gets real-time info about a new order from Shopify. We start to pick, pack and ship immediately. Since product stored at our fulfillment center we ship them the same day.
Fast shipping is real?
See real shipments:
6 reasons for beginners to use DVIP
We know that you worry to pay for products upfront, but:
Faster shipping increases your sales up to 5X times.
Conversion rate is 20% higher, retention rate is 50% higher

You can buy a small amount, like for $10.
It's less than you invest in Facebook Ads, Shopify subscription or dropshipping courses

Delivery time of 14% of orders takes longer than 30 days while using standard methods (like ePacket). 3% of orders are lost in customs
Protect your name, business and save money before you'll be destroyed by customers' complaints

eBay and other marketplaces list sellers with faster shipping times at the top of search results
Offer Fast Shipping as a paid option and increase your average check and margins
If you want to succeed in the e-commerce business DVIP is one of the best opportunities for you to do that
Join Dropwow Virtual Inventory Program for $29
Price $29/month valid until 19 September

This price includes:
- 10 sq. ft reserved for you at our facility in China (Shenzhen)
- Fast Shipping (6-10 days delivery)
- 100% auto order fulfillment
- Bundling service
How long does it take for products to be purchased and shipped from the fulfillment center in China?
It takes 5 days since you pay for the products till Dropwow ships orders to your customers.
What are the shipping costs?
The shipping rates are available here.
What countries do you deliver?
Please find the list of destinations on the "Shipping rates" page.
How do you provide tracking numbers?
Tracking numbers are assigned to your orders in Shopify in "Orders" by Dropwow. This feature is automatically activated for Shopify stores.
What are the payment methods?
PayPal, debit and credit cards, wire transfer, telegraphic transfer, and Dropwow wallet.
How do you know which order should be bundled?
The system knows what order to bundle when the order has one Shopify order ID.
Can I order all the products I have already imported to my store?
Yes, you can. Remember about full upfront payment in this case.
How do you guarantee my products reservation in the fulfillment center?
After you pay for inventory you get a receipt via email as a payment confirmation.
Is there any minimum order quantity?
Currently, there is no minimum order quantity. However, it's recommended to order the quantity you sell during a week.
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Shipping Rates
0.22 lbs -- e.g. jewelry, school supplies, small kitchen supplies, iphone case
0.66 lbs -- e.g. swimsuit, hoodie
2.2 lbs -- e.g. curtains, kitchen supplies
4.4 lbs -- e.g. bundles, big tools, small furniture
+40 destination countries